Clawfoot & Freestanding Tub Faucets:   Deck-Mount, Rim Mount, Freestanding, & Wall-Mount

A faucet is more than just functional. It can be the perfect complement to your bathroom design. We have vintage, traditional, transitional, and modern, style clawfoot and freestanding tub faucets. These faucets come in wall-mount, deck-mount (or rim-mount), tub wall mount, and freestanding styles as well as variable center spreads. Please refer to the technical data sheets for each faucet to determine the reach (the distance from where the faucet mounts to the tub rim, the supply-line, or the wall, out to the center of the spout) as well as the spread (the distance from the center of where the faucet connects to the cold water supply to the center of where it connects to the hot water supply). Be sure your faucet will reach far enough into the tub that the water doesn't run down the inner wall of the tub. You want to clear the rim and inner tub wall. When mounting a freestanding tub faucet be sure to place the faucet so that it doesn't extend so far into the tub that it is obstructing your entrance into the tub nor sticking out in front of your face when you are seated in the tub. Again, you want to clear the inner wall of the tub but not too much or it may get in your way.