Champagne Jester Jetted Clawfoot Tub
54˝L x 30˝W x 24˝H
by American Bath Factory

The jetted version of this tub has been discontinued however, it is still available in a non-jetted version.
Please see Jester Clawfoot Tub: 4 1/2' Clawfoot Tub

The Champagne Jester is great in smaller bathrooms. This smaller version of the classic roll-top clawfoot tub is available with beautifully detailed White, Chrome, Satin Nickel, or Old World Bronze, ball and claw feet. Select which side of the tub you would like the Champagne Massage blower to connect to so that it will be on the side next to your bathroom wall where it will plug in. This classic clawfoot tub works well with the included traditional waste & overflow with the old fashioned rubber stopper and chain, or with the upgraded lift and turn waste & overflow. Our Champagne Jester, air-jetted clawfoot bathtub, is also avaialbe in an non-jetted version.

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Step One:    Select Bath Tub Color
Step Two:    Champagne Massage Blower Location.
About Blower Location

To determine the blower location imagine sitting in your tub with your back resting on the slope of the tub and your feet at the drain (low end of the tub). As you will be sitting in your bathtub, will your bathroom wall (where the electrical outlet for the blower to plug into will be)be to your right or to your left side of your body? These positions are marked on the technical sheet with an "R" or an "L". These positions are marked on the technical sheet with an "R" or an "L". If left then order with the blower on the left side of the tub. If the bathroom wall will be to your right side then order a right hand blower location. The blower sits on the bathroom floor, tucked between the tub and the bathroom wall. Please see the Technical Sheet for further explanation. If you still have questions please feel free to give us a call.

Step Three:    Foot Finish for Ball & Claw Bathtub Feet
About Finish Options

The finish you select for the Ball & Claw feet will be the finish your waste & overflow (drain) will be unless you select white. If you select Satin Nickel feet, your drain will be provided in the matching Satin Nickel finish as will your faucet should you select one as an option with this bathtub package. If you select white feet you will also need to select a finish for your fixtures.

Step Four:    Select Faucet Style or No Faucet
About Faucet Ordering

If selecting one of our package faucets please note the faucet included will match the finish of the tub feet selected except in the case of white feet. If white feet are selected you must indicate which finish faucet you prefer with your tub. You may only select a finish other than the finish of your tub feet if you selected the white foot option.The waste & overflow (drain) will match this finish as well.


Step Five:    Faucet Hole Drilling on Rim at 7" on Center
About Faucet Hole Drilling

Faucet Holes will be drilled on rim at 7" on center at no charge if the deck-mount faucet option is selected as part of this order. Deck-mount faucet holes can be selected at a cost of $75 if deck-mount faucet option is not selected. Note: Freestanding faucet does not require faucet holes.

Step Six:    Traditional or Upraded Lift & Turn Waste & Overflow
Step Seven:    Shipping Method

Product Details & Technical Data

Champagne Jester Jetted Clawfoot Tub Details:

  • Measures 54"L x 30"W x 24"H
  • Made of strong and durable AcraStone®
  • Available with a right or left side Champagne Massage blower.
  • Available in white or bisque (additional cost for bisque)
  • Color is actually in the material so it will not wear off or chip off
  • Double shelled giving the tub a smooth, glossy, finish inside and out
  • Being doubled shelled means great insulating properties
  • Heavy duty Ball and Claw Feet available in white, chrome, satin nickel, and old world bronze finish
  • The Jester can be ordered with or without faucet holes drilled on the rim of the bathtub.
  • The Jester can also be ordered as an non-jetted clawfoot bathtub.
  • Your fixtures; drain, Faucet, and water supply-lines (if applicable), will match your selected foot finish unless you select the white foot. If white feet are selected the fixtures will be chrome unless you specify otherwise.
  • For the best price on a complete tub package please select a faucet listed in the faucet options for this tub. This will save you money. If you were to order the same faucet from elsewhere in the website, rather than selecting as one of the options, the price would be higher. We've put together the best options and applied a discount.
  • If you select the optional deck-mount faucet from the available options, your faucet holes will be drilled at 7" on center, to fit the faucet, at no charge. Also, if the deck-mount faucet option is selected your straight water supply-lines will be included to match.
  • Faucet hole drilling, on the rim, at 7" on center, is available for $75 if you do not select our optional faucet but wish to have the holes drilled.

Link to Champagne Jester Clawfoot Tub Technical Information Champagne Jester Technical Data Sheet

PDF Icon 100 Series Deck-Mount Clawfoot Tub Faucet Technical Data Sheet

PDF Icon Straight Water Supply-lines with and without Shut-off Valves

PDF Icon Trip Lever Waste & Overflow

PDF Icon Traditional Waste & Overflow for Clawfoot Tubs (Rubber Stopper & Chain)

PDF Icon Lift and Turn Waste & Overflow Drain

Manufacturer's warranty:

pdf iconAmerican Bath Factory Warranty