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Jetted Clawfoot Tubs

Our Aquamasseur, Aquatic Air Bath, and Champagne MassageĀ® clawfoot and pedestal tubs come in many chic styles for all home motifs. These air-jetted clawfoot tubs are top-quality tubs that make every bath the ultimate in relaxation! For over 20 years, our manufacturers have been providing clawfoot tubs, air-jetted clawfoot tubs, and bathtub accessories. The Aquamasseur air system is available on the Julius Air Jetted double slipper clawfoot tub as well as the Virginia clawfoot slipper bathtub and both are available with the ornate lions paw foot in a wide range of finishes. The Aquatic Air Bath system is available on the Serenity model tubs which include two dual ended clawfoot tub versions as well as two dual ended pedestal bathtub models. The Aquatic Air Bath, as well as the Aquamasseur systems allow for remotely locating the blower away from the tub to ensure a more peaceful air bath experience. In some cases a "blower relocation kit" may be required to achieve the distance you desire. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about any of our clawfoot tub models. We are always happy to assist you.

Jetted Clawfoot Tub Selection

Click an image below to view technical and ordering information:
champagne beatrice

60" Clawfoot Slipper Tub with Air Jets

champagne Marilyn

67" Jetted Clawfoot Slipper Tub

champagne churchill

71" Jetted Clawfoot Slipper Bath


66.5" Air Jetted Paw Foot Slipper Tub

60 inch Jetted Clawfoot Slipper Tub 67 inch Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub with Champagne Massage Air Jet System Jetted Clawfoot Slipper Tub Virginia 67 inch Slipper Tub with Aquamasseur Air Injection Jets
60" x 32.5" x 31"
From $2874
67" x 32" x 30"
From $2899
71" x 35 ¾" x 30"
From $2999
67" x 32" x 28"
Call for Price.
champagne jester

54" Air Jetted Roll Top Clawfoot Tub

champagne elizabeth

60" Jetted Roll Top Clawfoot Bath Tub

champagne william

67" Air Jetted Roll Top Clawfoot Tub


72" Jetted Double Slipper Paw Foot Tub

54 inch Roll Top Clawfoot Tub with Air Jets, Champagne Massage system 60 inch Traditional Clawfoot Bathtub with Air Jets, Champagne Massage System 67 inch Roll Top Clawfoot Bathtub with jets, Air Jetted Tub 72 inch Air Jetted Double Slipper Tub, Aquamasseur Air Injection System
54" x 30" x 24"
From $2797
60" x 30" x 24"
From $2698
67" x 30" x 24"
From $2806
72" x 32" x 31"
Call for Price.
champagne edward

70" Dual Ended Air Jetted Roll Top Clawfoot Tub

champagne diana

72" Dual Ended Jetted Clawfoot Tub

champagne charles

72" Dual Ended Jetted Pedestal Tub

victoria whirlpool

72" Clawfoot Whirlpool Tub

70 Dual Ended Ball and Claw Bathtub with Air Jets 72 inch by 42 inch Dual Ended Clawfoot Bathtub with Champagne Massage, Air Jet System 72 Dual Ended Pedestal Bathtub - Air Jetted Whirlpool Clawfoot Tub, 72 inch Victoria
70" x 32" x 25"
From $3057
72" x 42" x 27"
From $3097
72" x 42" x 25"
From $3599
72" x 42" x 27 ½"
From $5770
serenity 10 air bath

72" Dual Ended Air Jetted Clawfoot Tub

serenity 11 air bath

72" Dual Ended Jetted Pedestal Tub

serenity 13 air bath

66" Dual Ended Air Jetted Pedestal Tub

serenity 37 air bath

66" Dual Ended Jetted Clawfoot Tub

Serenity 10 Dual Ended Clawfoot Tub with Air Bath System, by Aquatic Serenity 11, Double Ended 72 inch Jetted Pedestal Bathtub by Aquatic Serenity 13, 66 inch Air Jetted Dual Ended Pedestal Tub, Air Bath by Aquatic Serenity 37, 66 inch Jetted Clawfoot Tub, Double Ended, by Aquatic
72" x 40" x 30"
Call for Price
72" x 40" x 27"
Call for Price
66" x 38" x 26"
Call for Price
66" x 38" x 29"
Call for Price
Champagne Massage
Champagne Massage clawfoot tubs are a flawless blend of old-world fashion with contemporary ingenuity. Look at the design of our jetted claw foot tubs and imagine gliding into one right now! Our new Champagne Massage Collection is the ultimate in affordable home luxury.
The All New Champagne Massage
green square bullet 3-SPEED BLOWER
green square bullet HEATED AIR BLOWER
green square bullet WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL
air bubble action example image

The Aquamasseur system

The Aquamasseur air system delivers a massage range from tactile / fingertip to intermediate tissue massage. A series of air injectors are placed throughout the bathing well having no more than three injectors in a series connected to 8 distinct air hoses that are fed by a pressure balancing manifold.
Aquamasseur Air Injecton Tubs
The engineering of the air pressure delivery system allows us to deliver a very low to intermediate volume of air allowing for both a tactile sensory massage as well as a light tissue massage. Our injectors are placed to follow the meridians of the central nervous system so that the massage created stimulates circulatory blood flow.

Choices Applicable To Aquamasseur System

1 hp blower with heating element and muffler. Hartford Loop with CheckValve Multifunction electronic control with white touchpad and white trim ring or biscuit touchpad and biscuit trim ring.
green square bullet ON/OFF BLOWER CONTROL
green square bullet 20 MINUTE BATH TIMER
green square bullet INDICATOR LIGHTS
green square bullet VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL
green square bullet WAVE OR PULSE MODE CONTROL
green square bullet AUTO DRY CYCLE
green square bullet 24HR PROGRAMMABLE PURGE CYCLE
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