Jetted Freestanding Tubs

Jetted Freestanding and Pedestal Tubs are truly a luxury. We offer 3 different types of air-jet systems in our free-standing tubs.

The Injected Air system is a series of individual air-injectors placed strategically throughout the bathing well floor and along the lower back of the Virginia and Julius tubs. The Injected Air system has heated air and is powered by a blower which can be placed up to 12' away from the bathtub and which is operated by a waterproof remote control. This wonderful system is avialble on two of our jetted clawfoot tubs, the Virginia Slipper Tub and the Julius Double Slipper Tub, as well as a couple of freestanding tubs which will be added to the site in the near future. If your are interested in finding out more about the freestanding tubs with the injected air system please give us a call.

The Air Bath; a perimeter air channel lined with an antimicrobial, as on the Carrington freestanding tubs. This system is powered by a heated air blower which can be located up to 25' away from the bathtub. This blower is operated from a remote control or a keypad which is mounted on your bathroom wall.

Our tubs with "Champagne" in the name are part of the Champagne Massage collection and have multiple air channels with air holes drilled in the bathing well floor and partially up the lower backrest. The warm air blower on the Champagne Massage tubs sits on the floor beside the tub, tucked between the tub and your bathroom wall.

We offer a variety of sizes and depths in our jetted free-standing bathtubs. Sizes range from 60" to 72".